Apixia, Inc. draws from a rich 25-year history of excellence and quality in dental manufacturing. The company operates a fully-equipped customer support, repair depot, design facility and warehouse in Southern California. The company's Asian facility includes an extensive manufacturing operation, engineering department, and support offices for international customers.

Apixia's line of digital imaging products has been designed from its very inception to overcome the many design, and distribution shortcomings of competing products. Unlike many other dental imaging vendors that merely re-label products manufactured by another company, Apixia has invested heavily in the design and assembly of its own products, and is fully-integrated for maximum efficiency. Every stage of the production process is carried out in Apixia's dedicated multi-million dollar facility, the newest and most advanced anywhere.

Clever design, competitive product benchmarking, and thousands of hours of testing have resulted in a family of products that were designed to perform to the industry's highest standards, yet allow for production with an emphasis on value. Apixia has harnessed the competence and high volume capabilities of manufacturing seen only before in consumer electronics and brought these efficiencies to the dental market for the first time. Digital imaging is finally within the reach of any dental office's financial and technical abilities.

As further validation of its quality and integrity to global standards, all Apixia products have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certification and meet all required international standards.

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